Article sections

    To distinctly separate the Footer from the rest of the page, you can add a Top Divider.

    The Divider is a graphic element clearly delimitating one section from another.


    In the left-hand menu of the Customizer, go to Footer, under Footer Sections.

    Click on the cog icon next to Footer and open the Settings category for that section.

    Go to the Style tab -> Dividers.

    Enable the option to show Top Divider:

    Divider Style

    Choose among 15+ graphical shapes you can use for the Divider:

    • Tilt
    • Tilt flipped
    • Triangle
    • Triangle Asymmetrical
    • Waves
    • Waves Pattern
    • Book
    • Zigzag
    • Mountains, etc.



    Choose the color you want to give to the Divider, by selecting it from the color picker.

    Divider Height

    This is the amount of vertical space the Divider occupies in the section. Choose larger values for a higher Divider.

    in Footer Settings