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    With Colibri, you have the possibility to add a map into a web page you are customizing.

    Thus, you’ll be able to include geolocation into your web page, making it easier for potential customers to get in touch with you. Also, a physical address is a proof of trustworthiness that confirms your company really exists and has a headquarters at the indicated address.

    Open the list of components, and the find the Map component in the list. Use drag-and-drop to add a Map component into your web page.

    Example of map added to a page:

    To configure the map you have added to the page, click on the map component into the page and make sure you have the corresponding settings open in Customizer:

    Map Properties

    • Address: you have to fill in the blank space under Address, with the physical address where your company is located.
    • Zoom: choose the level of details for the map, by using the zoom controls. Select higher values on the slider for a more accentuated zoom-in effect, and a higher level of details for the map indicating the address of your company.
    • Height of the map: by selecting specific values on the slider, you can make the map higher/lower into the page you are customizing.


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