Article sections

    Beside specific customizations for every section, you can apply some customizations to the Header as a whole.

    Click on the grey cog icon next to Header sections to open the list of settings in the Customizer:

    Content Settings

    From here, you can set to display the Front-Page Header or an Inner Page Header.

    Style Settings

    Regarding the styling settings, you can adjust the following:

    • Change the background color of the Header (click on the color picker and choose the color that best suits the page)
    • Set the background type to image or gradient
    • Enable the option to apply an overlay to the Header background. Click on the pencil icon next to Background Overlay to expand the panel with further customizations for the overlay.


    Advanced Settings

    From here, you can apply additional customizations to the Header as a whole. The elements can be configured both for normal state and on hover.

    Spacing options

    You can set specific values for:

    • Padding, that is the surface the Header occupies on the page. You can set individual values for each side (top, right, bottom, left)
    • Margin – you can set values for all sides (top, right, bottom, left)

    Border & Shadow

    To create a visible border for the Header, you have to set the Border Type to a value different than None.

    • You’ll have to select the type of border for the Header (solid, dashed, dotted, double, groove, ridge, etc.)
    • Border Radius refers to the roundness of the corners for the border. The higher the values, the rounder the corners of the border will be.
    • Enable the option Box Shadow to apply a shadow effect to the border. Click on the pencil icon next to Box Shadow, to open the panel with further customization options.


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