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    To customize the footer, click on the grey cog icon next to Footer Sections and open the panel with settings for the Footer:



    Enable the option to use a parallax effect (a parallax effect means the footer background moves at a slower rate than the foreground, when users scroll down the page).



    You can choose for the background of the footer:

    • A color (select the color you want, from the color picker)
    • An image (upload an image from your device and customize its properties)
    • A gradient (select a gradient of your choice and customize its properties)
    • A video (you can choose either a self-hosted video or an external video for which you have to provide the link)
    • A slideshow (upload the images that will be part of the slideshow, add/remove images, adjust values for how long a slide is displayed onto the screen and how rapidly the slides succeed to one another in the slideshow).


    in Footer Settings